PlayStation Vita Already Hacked?

Japanese PSP hacker Mamosuke has announced that he’s successfully managed to get the “hello world” application running on the PlayStation Vita through the embedded PlayStation Portable emulator.

Technically, the idea behind the hack is simple but brilliant: the PS Vita has a PSP emulator, and we have plenty of PSP game exploits lying around… can we assume they will work on the emulator? That’s what teck4 tried, and the answer is yes, so he managed to run unsigned code on the PS Vita.

Practically, although this is good news, there are a bunch of obstacles which will probably not make the exploit so interesting for most users (at least not yet): First of all, the exploit happens within the PSP emulator on the Vita, and will not directly give access to the Vita hardware or features.

9 thoughts on “PlayStation Vita Already Hacked?”

  1. well this is actually kinda the same thing which happened to the 3ds
    the hackers got to the nds function but not the 3ds one

  2. lol wow, not even a week in and it already got hack (i know i know, only the psp emu got hack) but it still makes sony look bad.

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